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Fee Schedule (estimate only):

Generally, our fees are based on a combination of the following:

*Time Spent

*Complexity of the Tax Return

*Level of expertise required

*Research for uncommon tax situations

Tax Return Base Fees:

  • Base 1 starts at $300 and includes Federal Form 1040/ CA 540. Known as the Short Form. This is the minimum fee to do any tax return (most CPAs are $600 to $800).

  • Base 2 starts at $400 and includes itemized deductions. Known as the Long Form.

  • Base 3 starts at $500 and includes everything in level 2 plus Schedules B and D, which are Interest/Dividends and Capital Dispositions.

  • Base 4 starts at $600 and includes items in levels 1-3 plus one rental (Schedule E) and all rental related schedules.

  • Base 5 starts at $600 and includes items in level 1-3 plus one full business schedule (Schedule C), plus home office deductions.

  • Base 6 is by quote: for tax returns which have more complexity than the above levels. We will review your prior year tax returns; determine new items that need to be reported in the current tax year and quote a flat fee.

  • Base 7 are for Corporate, S-Corporation, Partnership and Non-Profit tax returns and are billed at a flat rate based on the work required.

The fee schedule is an estimate only. Ultimately, the cost to prepare your tax return comes down to the overall amount of time spent working on your file and the complexity of your tax return.

Additional services: such as IRS notices, CA FTB notices, Audit Representation and Amended Tax Returns will be billed at our standard billing rate of $200-300hr or by quote.

Other Fees:

  • Tax Planning starts at - $200

  • FBAR Filing starts at - $200

  • Out-of-State starts at - $100

  • Reporting K1 starts at -$200

  • Business Property Tax Returns start at - $200

  • Trust Returns start at - $600

  • Gift Tax Returns start at - $600

  • Sales Tax Returns start at - $300

  • Incorporation Documents (LLC, C & S Corp) - $600

  • Statement of Information - $300

  • Extension to file - $100 - (If you don't end up filing with us)

Bookkeeping and Payroll Fees:
Our Bookkeeping and Payroll monthly packages can start as low as $200 per month. Our Bookkeeping and Payroll monthly fee includes both on-site and off-site services, initial set up, consultation, planning and training. 

We bill flat fees and we can quote you before you make a decision.

"Remember that time is money" - Benjamin Franklin

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