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AJ worked in the field of Taxation and Financial Planning for over 30 years up until his retirement in 2022. He holds a BA from UC Santa Barbara and an MBA from University of San Francisco. In addition, he was a former Certified Financial Planner and an Enrolled Agent with the IRS.

Through his studies and over 30 years of investment experience and taxation, AJ became a firm believer in tax-efficient investing and low-cost portfolio management. His Financial Planning and investing experience eventually led him to be a resource for friends and family, and he quickly discovered his passion for helping others with Financial Planning and investing.

AJ founded AJ Houston Financial Services in 2006 and his firm and he have maintained a local reputation for providing clients with professional guidance and personalized services and solutions that met a comprehensive range of financial and business needs.


  • MBA - University of California San Francisco

  • BA in English - University of California Santa Barbara

"People, I just want to say, can't we all get along? Can't we all get along?" - Rodney King

About Founder: My Accounting Philosophy
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